Code of Ethics

Basic Principles of Code of Ethics

A Paralegal shall strive to achieve and maintain a high level of competence.

A Paralegal shall maintain a high level of personal and professional integrity.

A Paralegal shall maintain a high standard of professional conduct.

A Paralegal shall serve the public interest by contributing to the improvement of the legal system and delivery of quality legal services, including pro bono public services and community services.

A Paralegal shall deem all information as provided by client to be privileged and any information obtained during the tenure of his relationship with the client shall be treated accordingly.

A Paralegal shall strive to avoid conflicts of interests and shall disclose any foreseeable possible conflict to the client, employer, as well as to the prospective employer and, in the case of doubt, refer same to the Association for consideration. The title of Paralegal shall be fully disclosed at all times.

A Paralegal shall not engage in the practice of law as if he is an attorney or advocate, unless duly admitted by the appropriate body, and elects to practice as a paralegal, in which case the title of attorney or advocate shall be negated.

A complete set of SAPA guidelines and the enforcement thereof, together with the Code of Ethics, can be found in the SAPA Disciplinary Rules.

For a detailed copy of the Code of Ethics please contact Quinton D’Oliveira (Chairman) at