What is SAPA?

About Us

Although the idea of forming the Association was conceived a while ago, the amendments to the Legal Practice Bill catalyzed our formation of this Association. SAPA was formed on 29 January 2011 to raise the profile of the Paralegal and to encourage a high level of ethical and professional behaviour/attainment from all its members.


The objectives of the Association are:
• to prepare, collect, tabulate and disseminate information on matters of professional interests to its members, to represent their collective opinion and views in any appropriate quarter;
• to act as consultative body and to promote the interests of the Association and paralegals in South Africa;
• to regulate the conduct of its members;
• to promote opportunities for social contacts, opportunities amongst paralegals; and
• to take any action as may be deemed desirable in relation to any matter which may affect the Association and its members.